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Our Process

We Aim To Promote Artistic Expression and Cultural Awareness While Ensuring A Minimal Environmental Impact.


Fast Fashion Is Destroying The Planet. 

The chances are no-one reading this NEEDS more clothes.

Every collection on HIT and RUN is designed by someone who wants to make a difference and to inspire others with their message.

We think this is worth making a few more garments for.


Fully Transparent and Ethical Supply Chain 

We use organic cotton and recycled polyester in the majority of our garments and are working with suppliers to become fully organic as soon as possible.

We have sourced the best garment suppliers who have totally transparent supply chain from cotton pickers through to machinists
and ensure wages and working conditions are superior to local standards.

These garments are currently warehoused in the UK meaning no new garment manufacture.

Our garments are printed and despatched from London


Anti-Fast Fashion but still fast...

Nobody wants to pre-order or wait a month for their order to be produced and delivered.

Only when an order is placed do we print the garment ensuring no wasted stock destined for deadstock or landfill.

*Due to the Covid-19 crisis we will be shipping within 7 days of order.  When our production facility deems it safe to return to full production we will ship within 48 hours of order.*


Our Print Inks Are Non-Toxic 

Screen-printing is an amazing art-form but the chemicals used are highly toxic and harmful to the environment.

The digital print inks we use have GOTS accreditation. This means no toxic screen development chemicals.  No toxic cleaning chemicals.  No toxic ink run-off.

We believe this is the only way to go now.


Our packaging contains no plastic & helps to plant forests.

We use no plastics in our packaging but instead wrap our garments in recyclable paper and ship in compostable bags.

On top of this we are part of the Eco-Packaging Alliance which plants trees every time we purchase packaging!



The Founder - Mickey J. Ellis

Mickey launched Hit and Run as the antithesis to what he saw as a creatively barren and environmentally devastating fast-fashion industry. 

Having launched his first of numerous independent clothing brands back in 2003 he understood the challenges...

Hit and Run was created to enable and promote the voices of the creatives striving to make a positive impact and to make some good T-Shirts.