Matthew Miller

Post apocalyptic merchandise is a new body of work by artist and designer Matthew Miller.

'I feel an obligation as a to release work that is both relative and relevant to the tumultuous, uncertain times that we find ourselves in, in 2020.' 

 'The work, ‘Post Apocalyptic Merchandise'  is a satirical take on what the 'business of fashion' will be like in 2027.  During President Trump's unheralded third term in office, consumed product has necessarily shifted to facilitate dystopian survival elements against the dictator's brutal regime.  Dictator Trump has divided and conquered the world through a series of vicious assaults upon the world's population.  Life is the NEW luxury.'

'The Object’s de’ Art are a reference to a possible place in time we may be heading, fashion's own black mirror, a paradox to what we may become and how we might survive as a species.  Stores will no longer stock the old notions of luxury, but instead the elements for the human species to survive.'