Cult to Culture by Ciaran O'Shea

Cult to Culture is a collaboration between graphic artist Ciaran O’Shea, promoter Richard Raindance and  original rave artist Pez, celebrating the original spirit of underground dance music culture.   Raindance spearheaded a youth revolution back in 1989. Their legendary Jenkins Lane parties during the second 'Summer of Love' helped launch the careers of Carl Cox, Dave Angel and Jon Digweed. They became the first organisation to hold legal all-night parties, paving the way for the modern scene.Pez created all your favourite 90’s rave flyers - from Raindance to World Dance, Helter Skelter to Dreamscape - his twisting sci-fi surrealism coveted by those that knew.  This Cult to Culture collection - exclusive to Hit and Run - is crafted with love and respect from flyers, original artwork and photographs taken from our archive.Get right on one!